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Terms & Conditions

South Coast House Clearance Terms & Conditions

1. The services carried out by South Coast House Clearance are described by the term "House Clearance" which is used to describe the following services, any of which may be used during the process of a House Clearance;

1.1 The removal and disposal of all contents based on the information supplied by the Client (2)
1.2 Disposal will usually mean recycling contents (7)
1.3 The breaking up of contents if they are too big, heavy or awkward to remove from the property in one piece or if such items pose an injury risk to staff or could cause potential damage to the property.

2. We (South Coast House Clearance) will need to know the following information from the Client during telephone, e-mail or any other form of correspondence;

2.1 The full address and postcode of the property requiring clearing;
2.2 Client telephone contact details;
2.3 The size and type of property and number of bedrooms, reception rooms, dining, halls etc.;
2.4 Full details of any lofts, sheds, garages or outerbuildings and their contents;
2.5 Full details of any big, unusual, heavy or awkward pieces of furniture or contents;
2.6 Full details of any pieces of furniture or contents which need unfixing;
2.7 Full details of any fixtures and fittings which need removed;
2.8 Full details of any harmful substances or contents potentially on the premises (e.g. hypodermic needles, chemicals etc.);
2.9 Full details of any verminous waste or decaying food;
2.10 Full details of any pieces of furniture or contents (including fixtures and fittings) of the house which need to stay;
2.11 Full details of any cleaning that is required;
2.12 Full details of parking and access to the property - and any entrance restrictions;

3. The Client is fully responsible for ensuring all information is correct and that no information is knowingly or otherwise withheld from us (South Coast House Clearance)

4. Based on the information supplied to us (South Coast House Clearance) in part (2) by the Client a fee will be quoted for the House Clearance. This fee will include the House Clearance service and any other specific requirements specified by the Client in part (2) and agreed with by both parties (South Coast House Clearance and the Client) prior to the undertaking of the House Clearance.

5. The House Clearance quote fee will include up to 1.5 tonnes of waste removal and disposal (9), the manual labour used to uplift all contents to remove, disposal costs, fuel costs and profit. Exceeding the maximum allowed gross weight we (South Coast House Clearance) can carry in our vehicles is punishable by up to a £5,000 fine per offence and even licence disqualification. We (South Coast House Clearance) have found from experience that this maximum weight covers the clearance of most average three bedroom properties. Should there be any additional weight of contents needing removed it is not our (South Coast House Clearance) responsibility to remove and dispose of such contents. Should there be any additional weight of contents removed then we (South Coast House Clearance) reserve the right to charge an additional fee which will cover the additional removal and disposal costs or recommend another option to the Client who is responsible for any costs should any be occurred choosing another option, recommended or otherwise. If it looks likely that there will be excess weight then we (South Coast House Clearance) will strive to bring this to the Client’s attention at the beginning of the House Clearance, or as soon as it is recognisable that there will be excess weight to remove and dispose of.

6. The fee payable is due on the completion of the House Clearance. We (South Coast House Clearance) prefer payment by cheque if the client is a commercial business or organisation or cash, part cash part cheque or cheque for the full amount if the client is a private individual. All cheques must be sent within 10 days of the House Clearance job being completed. Failure to do so will result in a penalty cost of an additional £50.

7. We (South Coast House Clearance) strive to recycle upto 90% of all waste via a number of avenues which allows us (South Coast House Clearance) to keep costs down and therefore House Clearance fees low. However being able to recycle waste depends on local facilities and not all local facilities cater for recycling so we (South Coast House Clearance) cannot always recycle waste.

8. We (South Coast House Clearance) cannot remove and dispose of any chemical substances and material such as paint, fuels and any type of other chemical based substances and materials, due to legislative and insurance restrictions.

9. We (South Coast House Clearance) offer 3 van sizes/options to the Client who we (South Coast House Clearance) will help advise as to what van size/option the Client chooses based on information supplied to us (South Coast House Clearance) in part (2). The Client is fully resposnible for the choice of van size/option he or she chooses.

10. We (South Coast House Clearance) strictly adhere to our own and HSE health and safety regulations and therefore cannot pack our vans from floor to ceiling and end to end. As a result a gap of at least 1ft from the the rear doors/tail-lift must be left free so that nothing will spill out from the van when the doors are opened after transit. This also applies to payload capacities which we are restricted and goverened to carrying based on van sizes.

11. Please be aware that we (South Coast House Clearance) reserve the right to change this Terms & Conditions at any any time, any changes made to this Terms & Conditions shall be posted on our website.

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